Wednesday’s Who Wore it Best?

Guns, handcuffs, knives…not exactly what you would think of when planning your next fashion statement. But that’s exactly what inspired Vlieger & van Dam’s “Guardian Angel” handbag series.

Inspired by film genius Alfred Hitchcock and his legendary film “Psycho”, these bags “narrate the increasing violence and crime in the media, objectifying our addiction to fear.”

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City was so taken with this concept that a Vlieger & van Dam Guardian Angel bag actually sits in their permanent collection.

The label has become a fast Hollywood and worldwide celebrity favorite, so we thought we’d see who you think pulls off this look the best. We compared three worldwide celebrities with three very different signature looks…:

Rhianna – the very essence of edgy and fresh fashion

Rumer Willis – timeless, classic chic

Bas Kosters – eclectic Dutch fashion legend

Vote here!

A few styles remaining – purchase for yourself here!

**NOTE: Not a good idea to take these bags to the airport or to the bank!

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