Trends for this Fall – Strong, Classic and Sexy!

Feathers and Furs!!

As Vogue has said this Fall is all about strength. “Woman Of Strength”.  Rich jewel tones, leather, fur and animal prints are what it’s all about this season! Embellishments and accessories are making a great stance this fall too. Glitzy bags, leather bags, and fur bags are all over the runways this Fall, from New York to Paris!

These are 2 of the bags we currently carry! The gun bag by Vliegar & Vandam has become one of the most popular bags this season. Rihanna is in love with these bags, just like we are! She owns quite a few of them… The other is by Lanvin Paris. This soft leather bag goes beautifully with any outfit this season. Its classic, elegant and timeless!

Leather Bags

Animal print is back, and it’s been a hit with celebrity style queens ranging from Jessie J and Beyoncé to Helen Mirren and Kristen Stewart.

Helen Mirren


Jessie J

Kristen Stewart

Check out classic and sexy Meryl Streep!!

Meryl Streep

Beyoncé is a perfect example for the theme this fall. She’s strong, confident, independent and sexy!! And she knows how to rock the FUR!!


Along with miss trend-setter herself Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga

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One thought on “Trends for this Fall – Strong, Classic and Sexy!

  1. Linda Tyler on said:

    I’m loving animal prints and have been buying a few things recently with prints. I’m also loving the fur, but haven’t invested in anything – yet! I’m so looking forward to new items that will be coming into your store and will be watching online for some awesome pieces! I love the picture of Jody and Mia at the top of this page…just saying!! =) Hi to Jodes and Mia from Ontario and ME!!!

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